Mongol Rally 2012 ”THE EMPIRE STRIKES YAK”

We have sponsered a car (Suzy) to complete a spectacular adventure. Its a Suzuki Swift 1.0, Driver is Ken Lau, who is doing this alone, for cancer research and the lotus charity for children.Over approximately 6 weeks, he will be driving 10,000 miles, crossing 2 continents and 18 countries, challenged by mountain passes, deserts, river crossings and countless potholes on some of the world’s worst roads. Navigating purely by map and compass and with the odd direction from a local or two, it’s going to be rather amusing trying to make it to Mongolia. No GPS or sat nav for them, where’s the fun in turn by turn directions? It’s all about the adventure of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

The official charity of the Mongol Rally 2012 is The Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia. The Lotus Children’s Centre is based in Ulaan Baatar and provides food, shelter and education for up to 150 abused, orphaned & vulnerable children. When Ken gets to Ulaan Baatar, he will be volunteering at the centre for a few weeks, providing his handyman and maintenance skills.His second charity, Cancer Research UK, needs little introduction. No doubt we all know someone who has been affected by cancer. From Ken ”Cancer Research is a cause very close to my heart as a few weeks ago, one of my closest friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He has shown immense strength of character and I dedicate this trip to him and raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research”.

So after speaking to Ken this morning Amal my father and I decided this was positive and something we could help Ken with directly. Only issue being we have 4 days to get Suzy ready for action. A small challenge in comparison to what the journey is going to be.We are fixing up the car for Ken, so far new clutch, front lower arms, shocks, water pump, timing belt, all service filters and plugs, Tyres, rear arms, shocks, extra lights, and basically anything to make sure the car takes him to Mongolia with hopefully no issues.

This also gives us a good insight as to how well our parts perform in such road conditions, climates, and altitudes. The highest aroung 5000 ft above sea level.

Please support this good cause by doing what you can.

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